Why Dunn and Dunner?

Dunn and Dunners concept is taken from the hilarious and witty movieDumb and Dumber. Growing up, Jim Carrey is one of my favorite movie actors. His acting skills mesmerize me. While I was thinking of a new blog title, the idea came to mind when my wife turned on the television and had the movie playing on HBO.

While I would love to fill this site with wit and humor, I’m not really good at it. My goal is not just to make you laugh (believe me, I will try), but my goal is to entertain you with amazing things I find, encounter and come across with everyday. Like the actors in the movie, I live a pretty much simple life, yet I find so many things that amuse me everyday. My passion is gambling and poker. Yes, i know OK?!

Allow me to open up and share my daily experiences with you. From photos, to not-so-boring stories, and even throwback Thursdays. Together, let’s seize the day! ill try to share as much as I can with my life. Why? Because I feel that my not-so-boring life might just be an inspiration to another not-so-boring-person out there. Ready to bet and throw the dice mates?