Interesting Facts about Albert Einstein – What the public do not know

Albert Einstein is considered to be the greatest genius of all time. His contributions in Science, most especially in physics, are really impeccable. Up until now, they are still being studied. They even matched other occurrences in the entire history. Who would ever forget E-mc2? These are always seen in most interesting facts about Albert Einstein. This popular formula is still observed all over the world. It may even be surprising that those people who do not know mass energy equivalence are still aware with the said equation. Well, there are still many other interesting facts about Albert.

Additional Information about Albert Einstein

Through the entire lifetime of Albert, there was never a point when he failed Math. This was famous known to the whole internet. This was always an attempt for it to be related to being a genius. Despite that, Einstein used to be an average student. It only happened that he was really good in Math.

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It was also Einstein who encouraged nuclear bomb’s development. There was just a misinterpretation about his participation in the event. There were claims saying that he created the bomb. However, this was different because his only participation was the writing of the letter which was addressed to President FDR. The letter’s content was the encouragement to start the work with the said weapon. This led to the foreseeing of the Manhattan Project. Do not get this wrong though because he was still a dedicated pacifist. He then turned out to be an anti-nuke spokesman. Despite that, Einstein made up his made. He was certain the atomic bomb was needed by America prior to the existence of the Nazis.

Little do people know that he was also a great musician. As a matter of fact, if he did not turn out to be a genius, he might have turned out to be a violinist. He inherited this from his mother who was also inclined in playing the piano. This was the reason why his love for music was really understandable. When he was five years old, he was enrolled to violin lessons.

If his path turned differently, he has a big possibility to be the president of Israel. This was related to the death of the first president of Israel named Chaim Weizmann. When he died, the position was offered to Einstein. However, he did not accept the offer.

Einstein got separated from his first wife. After that, he married his cousin. The first wife’s name is Mileva Maric. Afterwards, Elsa Lowenthal became his second wife. In the later years of his marriage to his very first wife, he was dubbed as a bad husband. He got involved in affairs which he did not even try to do discreetly. This led to him moving his whole family to Berlin. This was done without any discussion at all. She was not treated as a wife, but rather, a servant.

There are the facts about Einstein.