Dodo bird facts – Birds that can’t fly

Dodos, aside from being a bird that cannot play, are weird because their diet is not typical. While it is true that it may include bulbs, seeds, nuts, fallen fruit and roots, there is another inclusion that turned out to be a surprise. It can be fed with shell fish, palm fruit and crabs. This set is somehow similar for a modern pigeon. What is not though is their fondness in gizzard stones. They do this because it can be of great aid in terms of their direction. This is always seen in most dodo bird facts.

Another interesting information is that the said birds are only going to live in a place where they will be isolated completely. Most scientists discovered that there was a time when such dodo was seen situated on the Mauritius. This is near the Indian Ocean. They are most likely to exist in isolation that they haven’t spread over the islands of Africa, the eastern coast, which are just considered their neighbors. This comes with a simple reason. The said bird is not capable of flying. They cannot progress to reach other islands or even that of land mass. This is not the way it has been for other birds.

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Dodo bird facts are now to extinction. Their habitat is on the Mauritius islands. They prefer this because there is an abundant amount of food there. What is even good is that they are safe. There are no predators seen. What is the reason for their extinction apart from the mentioned? People is another. Do not get this wrong. They are not in any way afraid of people. This makes them an easy prey to catch. Most of the sailors who arrived on Mauritius in the year 1598 initiated in the hunting of dodos. They also pioneered mass killings. There came to a point when the birds turned out to be extinct already. This was the reality in 1681. People have this common notion that the birds are stupid. They think about this because the birds can just reach enemies right away even if they are armed. These birds do not come with any natural enemy. They do not have any experience with any predators. They are just curious but not really stupid.

They are not just being killed by people. They are also very much affected to the discovery of new species. They were affected like this. It was the sailors who took charge in the introduction of these new species. Domesticated animals were also brought along. These then, new animals victimized the dodos. They munched the eggs. They even have dodo’s habitat destroyed. This is why they became extinct. The mentioned animals are the pigs, cats, rats and dogs. Since they have been isolated for quite some time now, there is no natural defense by the dodo. They just cannot handle this yet. Only after 175 years of their discovery, they turned out to be distinct already. This is how they have been.