Dodo bird facts – Birds that can’t fly

Dodos, aside from being a bird that cannot play, are weird because their diet is not typical. While it is true that it may include bulbs, seeds, nuts, fallen fruit and roots, there is another inclusion that turned out to be a surprise. It can be fed with shell fish, palm fruit and crabs. This set is somehow similar for a modern pigeon. What is not though is their fondness in gizzard stones. They do this because it can be of great aid in terms of their direction. This is always seen in most dodo bird facts.

Another interesting information is that the said birds are only going to live in a place where they will be isolated completely. Most scientists discovered that there was a time when such dodo was seen situated on the Mauritius. This is near the Indian Ocean. They are most likely to exist in isolation that they haven’t spread over the islands of Africa, the eastern coast, which are just considered their neighbors. This comes with a simple reason. The said bird is not capable of flying. They cannot progress to reach other islands or even that of land mass. This is not the way it has been for other birds.

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Dodo bird facts are now to extinction. Their habitat is on the Mauritius islands. They prefer this because there is an abundant amount of food there. What is even good is that they are safe. There are no predators seen. What is the reason for their extinction apart from the mentioned? People is another. Do not get this wrong. They are not in any way afraid of people. This makes them an easy prey to catch. Most of the sailors who arrived on Mauritius in the year 1598 initiated in the hunting of dodos. They also pioneered mass killings. There came to a point when the birds turned out to be extinct already. This was the reality in 1681. People have this common notion that the birds are stupid. They think about this because the birds can just reach enemies right away even if they are armed. These birds do not come with any natural enemy. They do not have any experience with any predators. They are just curious but not really stupid.

They are not just being killed by people. They are also very much affected to the discovery of new species. They were affected like this. It was the sailors who took charge in the introduction of these new species. Domesticated animals were also brought along. These then, new animals victimized the dodos. They munched the eggs. They even have dodo’s habitat destroyed. This is why they became extinct. The mentioned animals are the pigs, cats, rats and dogs. Since they have been isolated for quite some time now, there is no natural defense by the dodo. They just cannot handle this yet. Only after 175 years of their discovery, they turned out to be distinct already. This is how they have been.

Jello Nutrition Facts – The Benefits

There is a ton of articles written about the various advantages of gelatin. There are those who are fond of taking pure gelatin and they have been doing this for quite some time now. This is made a part of other’s daily health regimen and it is not even surprising. Based on Nourishing Traditions, there are reasons why many are fond of such. At one point, it might be of great help to learn about various Jello Nutrition Facts. This may be useful enough.

What are the advantages of Jello? First of all, it may be a great support in the growth of nail, hair and skin. It is also ideal for joints because it may help a lot in joint recovery. Aside from this, it may be the answer towards the tightening of loose skin. No one is exempted in experiencing this at one point in her life. This may be undergone by those who already have five babies. It is a natural cycle and that should be fine. Digestion may also be improved. This is going to occur because it will bind water and it will help the moving of food easily from that of the digestive track.

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As a matter of fact, there are also claims saying that they are helpful enough to conceal cellulites.  This is the good news for those who are trying to lose or trim down their weight. This may also be a source of dietary collagen. Collagen may be too large. This is how it has been as it is absorbed by the skin itself. This is the main reason why there is a belief that most skin creams are not of good use at all. Getting the right assistance internally is the answer. The use of coconut oil may not be a hard endeavor to ponder though. This is another.

Jello may be a reliable source of protein. In the building of muscles, the amino acids found on it may be of assistance too. Indeed, it is a reliable source of protein. The same is also true with amino acids and collagen. All of these can be found in a snap. There are reports saying that it may also assist in the function of the liver. This is also the case with the Lysine because this is utilized to the building of muscle and the absorption of calcium. It is not surprising how it has been made a good part of baby formula, most especially the homemade ones. The digestion may be put at ease this way.

Proofs have been built for the last couple of centuries. Many would definitely agree that skewing fatty acid is the answer towards a slimmer body. This may only be realized by the consumption of less animal fat. The idea of pursuing vegetable oils will be useful this way. Gelatin-rich foods are not to be underestimated. They can be functional from the bone broths down to that of the head cheese. The body should not be deprived of it.

Causes & Symptoms of Canine Arthritis

Dogs can develop arthritis just as humans do, and age is not the only cause. Pet owners should be aware of their dog’s risk for arthritis and what symptoms to look out for. The disease can be very painful, making a dog utterly miserable, so early diagnosis can save a lot of discomfort.

What is Arthritis?

First and foremost, it is important to understand what is happening when a dog develops arthritis. In general, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. The joints, or hinges of the skeletal system, are responsible for coordinating the movement of a dog. All activities, such as running and jumping, require the use of the dog’s leg joints. Over time, or because of injury or infection, the tissue in the joints becomes inflamed and causes serious pain for the dog.

Cause of Canine Arthritis

Most commonly, age leads to the development of arthritis in a dog. Since it is a degenerative disease, general wear and tear of the joints can cause arthritis. This is very similar to the way that human beings develop arthritis. Dogs that are inactive or overweight are also at a higher risk of arthritis in later years.

But age is not necessarily a prerequisite for the debilitating condition. Younger dogs who have sustained damage to their legs, through injuries or accidents, may develop arthritis earlier than normal. There are also infections and diseases that lead to arthritis in younger dogs, such as canine hip dysplasia.

Types of Arthritis

Since there are a handful of causes of arthritis, veterinarians classify types of arthritis in two basic groups, degenerative and inflammatory. They are distinguished by their causes, by the symptoms are typically the same.

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Degenerative Joint Disease, or osteoarthritis, results from damage to the cartilage cushioning the bones of the joint. Normal stress from years of wear on the joint can eventually cause destruction of the cartilege. There are several subcategories of osteoarthritis, each of which correlates with a specific precondition of abormal joints:

  • Hip displasia (hip misalignment)
  • Patella luxation (loose kneecaps)
  • Osteochondritis dissecans (abnormal bone formation)
  • Trauma
  • Ruptured cruciate ligaments (knee)

Inflammatory joint disease is caused by other factors outside the joint formation, such as infection or immune problems. Bacteria, tick-borne diseases, and fungal infections are the causes of the infectious category of inflammatory joint disease. Immune-mediated arthritis result from hereditary immune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus.

Signs & Symptoms of Canine Arthritis

Most individuals understand arthritis as a crippling pain in the joints, so they expect to see stiffness or clumsiness when performing basic tasks. These signs can certainly indicate arthritis, but these are not the only symptoms a dog may exhibit. Nor are they always the first signs of arthritis.

Other symptoms of canine arthritis may include:

  • Limping or favoring a limb,
  • Lagging behind on walks,
  • Difficulty changing position (standing, sitting, lying down),
  • Changes in mood or behavior,
  • Resisting touch or yelping when touched,
  • Reluctance to perform active tasks (walking, climbing, jumping).

When canine arthritis is suspected, a veterinarian should be contacted right away. Since animals cannot speak for themselves, it is important that pet owners advocate for their health and well-being. In this case, early diagnosis and treatment can make a pet’s life much less painful.

Why Dunn and Dunner?

Dunn and Dunners concept is taken from the hilarious and witty movieDumb and Dumber. Growing up, Jim Carrey is one of my favorite movie actors. His acting skills mesmerize me. While I was thinking of a new blog title, the idea came to mind when my wife turned on the television and had the movie playing on HBO.

While I would love to fill this site with wit and humor, I’m not really good at it. My goal is not just to make you laugh (believe me, I will try), but my goal is to entertain you with amazing things I find, encounter and come across with everyday. Like the actors in the movie, I live a pretty much simple life, yet I find so many things that amuse me everyday. My passion is gambling and poker. Yes, i know OK?!

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