Top 3 Gambling Card Games in Casinos

If you want to make the most out of your casino money, chances are, you would head straight to the gambling card games.  Not only do they have a favorable house edge, but most require a luck and skills to win the pot.  A seasoned player can make good money out of select card games if the odds are in his favor. However this type of games in the casino takes a while to master.

Here are the top 3 gambling card games in the casino today:


gambling card games

The objective of playing baccarat is to choose a hand where the player will place his bet. His choice would the one he thinks will end up getting the closest number to 9. The game mechanics are straightforward:

  • You choose what hand to bet on – whether on the player, the banker or the tie.
  • After placing the bet, you are dealt with two cards.
  • The winning hand is the one who has the highest total sum of the cards.  The cards are added in a way that the tens place is not considered (ex: 10+5=5, not 15 in Baccarat).  Face cards don’t have value.
  • Aces count only as 1.
  • How do you win: If you place your bet on the player or the banker and win, then you win a score 1:1 – meaning your bet amount of $10 will become $20. However, if you place your bet in tie and win, you will receive a score of 8:1. This means to say that your bet of $10 will win 8x higher. So you will receive $10 + $80.
  • In some cases where you neither placed a bet on a banker or a player’s hand and the card dealt is a tie, your bet amount will be returned to you.

Black Jack

gambling card games

The goal of this gambling card game is to technically reach the value 21 without going over. Once you do, you get a bust and lose the game.  The game begins with the player being dealt with two cards, then based on your hand you have three options:

  1. Hit—You are dealt another card to add to your total.  You can hit as many as you want to reach 21 or any lower number of your choice.
  2. Stand—You stop accepting card deals and the turn passes to the next player
  3. Double Down—You double your bet, take one last card and end your turn.
  4. Split—If you have duplicate cards in your hand (for example two 5’s), you can choose to split them into separate hands, which have separate total and  bets.

When playing Black Jack, what most people forget is the fact that they are not playing to beat fellow players, but in reality the goal is to beat the dealer.  A dealer’s goal is to reach the number 17 by continuously drawing cards until they reach that number.  Unlike the players, the dealer doesn’t have a choice whether to hit or stand. Knowing this, you can modify your play strategy to make sure that your hand beats the dealer’s.

Video Poker

gambling card games

Considered to be the best gambling card games in a casino, video poker increases your chances of winning big by up to five times!  These perks however, are only available to the players who know how to play the game with a good strategy. This means a considerable skill level is also required.  How to play this game:

  • All players are dealt with five cards.
  • Decide which cards to keep and whether to draw a new card to replace the ones you discarded.
  • You can win the game by acquiring the traditional winning poker hands like straight flush, full house and the coveted Royal Flush.

These 3 gambling card games are some of the best games you can play when you go to a casino. It is vital though, that you know how to play them well for you to win. However, most casino players will attest that just like in any form of gambling – lady luck plays an important hand for one to win big. Without one or the other, it is wise to know when to push and when to fold.

Which of the three gambling card games do you like best? 

Can I Bet On Sports Online?

can i bet on sports online

“Can I bet on sports online?”

Winning on any wager is full of fun and excitement. It’s like winning and hitting the jackpot prize or winning a lottery ticket. Just like horse racing, betting on sports online is a game of a thousand thrills. This is the kind of feeling one gets from betting on sports online.

As Wikipedia says, “Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome and is generally considered a form of gambling”. Usually betting is place through a bookmaker or by online internet outlets.

Cyber age has paved the way for online sports betting. Its popularity is phenomenal and more and more people are placing bets online these days. It’s certainly a “hot” craze today.

Steps on How to Bet On Sports Online

First, choose a credible, reliable and reputable book maker or online internet outlets.  Just browse through the internet, and you will see heaps of online gambling sites catering to various kinds of betting.

Secondly, join and register or open an account in a sports betting online site by filling up an online form stating your username, password and email.

Thirdly, you need to be of legal age and agree to the terms and conditions of the website.

After doing all these things, you can at once place your bets. One must be very careful which sports betting website to place a wager since you are paying cash money online.  You have to be sure that you join a site that is safe and credible to avoid being screwed or being ripped off.

Online Gambling Sites with Good Reviews

Browsing around the internet, there are many online gambling sites generating good reviews.

Among them are:

  • Bovada (U.S.)

An online gambling site offering online casino, poker games, sports betting and horse betting,Bovada gives its customers the opportunity to bet on all the big sporting matches in North America. It also features a growing and vibrant poker following and Las Vegas-like casino with downloadable games.

  • BetOnline (U.S. Canada, Europe)

This site offers sports book, horse racing betting, casino and poker. One of BetOnline’saims is to develop an enduring relationship with its clientele. Its site is very much an ideal for those who always wants to be updated with all the sports and racing events. It builds its own reputation by serving its customers well.

  • TopBet (U.S., Europe)

According to the sports beook review, TopBet is one of the newest online site in the sports betting world. It offers sports betting, casino, blackjack, table games, video poker, slots, and keno and special games.

  • GTbets (U.S., Canada)

Their services include football, sports and NFL betting, casino, and horse race betting. Aside from these, this site is likewise popular for its promotional activities, quick and simple deposit and withdrawal scheme and attentive customers’ services.

So the next time you ask the question “Can I Bet On Sports Online?” the simple answer is YES.However, when choosing gambling site, you have to take into consideration a site that offers the best odds of winning for any match, gives great customer service and reliable and fast pay-out.

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While I would love to fill this site with wit and humor, I’m not really good at it. My goal is not just to make you laugh (believe me, I will try), but my goal is to entertain you with amazing things I find, encounter and come across with everyday. Like the actors in the movie, I live a pretty much simple life, yet I find so many things that amuse me everyday. My passion is gambling and poker. Yes, i know OK?!

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